Casserole with potato crust with cheese, meat and mushrooms - economical version of parmentier hashish



Casserole with potato crust with cheese, meat and mushrooms - economical version of parmentier hashish - recipe explained in detail. How we recycle cold steak into a very tasty dish for the whole family.

Many times, mothers' love is embodied in huge packages of food. We have the mother-in-law nearby. Every time we visit her, she not only prepares real feasts for us, but also packs whole bags of food for us. Recently, for the Serbian Christmas, I came home with the pot of sarmale, schnitzels, cookies (of course) and two large casseroles, in one mashed potatoes, why don't we work to make it ourselves, and in another fine steak. I put the sausages in the freezer. My husband and my daughter took care of the schnitzel. I had steak once, as well as mash. The rest was this mouth-watering cheesy potato crust casserole, which I devoured for dinner. Because I hate food waste and, above all, it would hurt my soul to waste something cooked with love, with us in mind.
To some extent, what I made is similar to hashish parmentier, a French recipe that looks exactly the same. The taste of the French dish is probably similar, except that ground beef is used, not a cold steak, as I did. After all, that raw, minced meat has to be cooked before the dish is assembled, so the result is very similar. I invite you to discover, in the following, a simple and inexpensive recipe that will help you when you want to recycle some leftover mashed potatoes or a cold steak.

Ingredients Potato crust casserole with cheese, meat and mushrooms
400 grams of cold steak, cut into small cubes (can be pork, chicken or beef, etc.)
40 milliliters of oil
500 grams of fresh mushrooms or 250 grams of canned mushrooms
300 milliliters of chicken or beef stock
1 large onion (100 grams), diced
1 red pepper, diced (optional, if you don't have it, leave it out)
1 stalk of celery, diced
1 medium carrot, diced
1 small clove of garlic, crushed
1 tablespoon tomato paste (triple concentrated)
2 tablespoons (30 ml) Worcestershire sauce (if you don't have it, you can do without it)
1 small bunch of green parsley, chopped
400-450 grams of mashed potatoes, cold
1 egg
90 grams of grated cheese (I used caciotta, which is a fresher type of cheese, you can use gruyère, cheddar, comtè, etc.)
1 nutmeg knife tip (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

How to make potato crust casserole with cheese, meat and mushrooms
Preparation of vegetables and mushrooms
1. For this potato crust casserole with cheese, I made a basic composition for which I used fresh mushrooms. That means I first cleaned them and cut them into quarters. If you use canned mushrooms, you will simply have to drain them and they will be added to the base composition only in step 5.

Back to my fresh mushrooms, after cleaning and trimming them, I heated a wok and added half the oil. When the oil was well heated, I added the mushrooms and sauteed them quickly, on a high heat, without adding salt. After 4-5 minutes, the mushrooms have decreased in volume and the water they contain has completely evaporated. The moment I heard a distinct sizzle, a sign that I had run out of water in the pan, I turned off the heat and immediately transferred the mushrooms to a bowl.

2. I added the rest of the oil to the same pan. I turned on the heat and set it to medium. I added the onion, crushed garlic, carrot, celery and red pepper. I sprinkled everything with a little salt and sautéed the vegetables, stirring frequently, for 4-5 minutes.
Note: as I specified in the ingredients list, there is nothing wrong if you do not use peppers, carrots or even mushrooms. The recipe is very permissive, you can replace them with other vegetables (eg peas) or leave them out altogether.

3. When the onion in the pan became glassy, ​​I added half of the soup (I used chicken). I covered with the lid and let the vegetables simmer, under the lid, for another 4-5 minutes, enough for the carrots to soften.

Completing the composition with meat and mushrooms
4. While the vegetables were stewing, I turned on the oven and set it to 200°C, top and bottom heat. The steak was already prepared for me, cut into cubes of about 1 cm. I also chose the shape in which I was going to assemble this casserole with potato crust and cheese: an oval gratin, made of heat-resistant ceramic, with a volume of 1.75-2 liters (L – in the longest part = 29 cm, l – in the widest part = 17 cm).
5. După ce morcovii s-au frăgezit și ei, am adăugat înapoi în wok ciupercile. Am amestecat totul 2-3 minute, pe foc iute, să se înfierbinte bine. Dacă folosiți ciuperci din conservă, le adăugați acum, după călirea legumelor.

6. Am adăugat imediat în wok 2 linguri cu vârf din piureul de cartofi, în loc de făină sau alt ingredient cu rol de legare a compoziției. În hachis parmentier se folosește făină, eu am preferat această variantă. Am amestecat rapid până ce cartofii piure s-au omogenizat cu legumele.

7. Imediat, am adăugat în wok pasta de roșii, carnea tăiată cubulețe și restul de supă. Am omogenizat toate ingredientele, amestecându-le, și le-am lăsat să se înfierbânte.


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